MSO Producer Materials

For producers who want to bring this concept to their clients.
Feel free to select by clicking on the Presentation you'd like to download from the options below.

MSO Strategy One Page: A Client Facing marketing piece to start the conversation around exploring the MSO strategy.

Sample Client Presentation: A preview of the presentation created for your MSO Prospect Clients, with their unique data. To receive a client presentation, use the MSO Prospect Intake form

MSO Strategy Overview for Professionals: A supplemental piece for any deeper dive questions. Keep this in your back pocket if additional information is requested before pursuing a personalized TRA Report.

A high level overview of this valuable tool to enhance your practice. Start here.

A high level overview what the Tax and Risk Assessment will consist of.

A Sample of the presentation Guardian leads to go through the client specific TRA report with you and your client

A high level summary of the timing schedules for TRA Reports and the implementation of MSO.

MSO Prospect form: Use the intake to submit an MSO prospect and receive a customized presentation with your client’s data.

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