Our process

Guardian Tax Consultants help you transform the financial structure of your business to ensure tax, wealth and continuity gaps are eliminated.

We have a process for revising the business financial structure that produces significant tax savings and reduces long-term risks thereby strengthening the financial position of both the business owner and their company.

The tax cut and jobs act passed in 2017 changed the playing field


LLC, S. Corp, Partnership,
Sole Proprietorship



That’s a 47.5% tax reduction!

What we do

Most CPAs aren’t set up to implement our unique structure which also creates personal tax savings. That’s why we partner with your CPA to bring small business tax strategies and have created a process that makes transitioning to our structure seamless.


Comprehensive Risk and Savings Report

We perform a comprehensive business risk assessment and savings report to ensure the new financial structure will create tax savings and protect against personal and business risks. We also review all compensation and provide full recommendations on findings. 


The goal with this report is to ensure your business is a good candidate for our structure and that you’ll save more on taxes than in a traditional pass-through entity. 


Implementation and Execution

We support your financial team and CPA through implementation and execution of the new financial structure. In this phase we provide insurance recommendations to address risks that have been identified. 


Compliance and Management

We perform annual compliance and management of the new financial structure to ensure all requirements are fulfilled. Our team is on board to ensure all facets of the structure comply and function optimally. We continually assess potential risks and provide recommendations as needed. 


We remain your partner to ensure compliance and manage the financial structure year after year.

Why work with our team?

Our team includes professionals with expertise in the areas needed to evaluate, manage, and provide compliance for this specific financial structure. We have an experienced CPA and tax attorney on board to perform due diligence. We focus on the following areas during assessment and ongoing evaluations:

The CRS report is performed by an experienced CPA and tax attorney with due diligence, focused on the areas of:

Additionally, our team has a combined 75+ years’ experience in operations management, financial advisory, and business consulting.

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