Case Studies 

Check out the case studies below to see real-life examples of how Guardian Tax Consultants have transformed businesses like yours.

Our Case Studies

Our work with a retail sales company resulted in impressive tax deferrals of $550,000 annually, thanks to our MSO strategy. We helped provided liquidity for their inventory management, strengthening asset protection, and funding insurance policies essential for estate planning. Using part of the MSO funds, we upgraded their leased showroom, which greatly enhanced their customer experience and operational efficiency. The accumulated earnings in the MSO, taxed as a C corporation, grew over the years and facilitated the purchase of their building at the lease’s end. These comprehensive solutions ensured the company’s increased revenue, competitive advantage, and long-term financial stability.

Working with an engineering firm, Guardian Tax Consultants implemented an MSO strategy that resulted in substantial $5 million annual tax deferrals. We centralized their employee management and strengthened asset protection, while establishing SERPs to retain their top talent. Our approach included funding insurance policies for SERPs and buy/sell agreements, as well as structuring their exit planning. To support future equipment projects and cash flow needs, we also set up a line of credit. Our MSO offered a comprehensive suite of solutions, effectively addressing the firm’s varied operational and strategic requirements.

Approaching us with numerous financial hurdles, the owner of a medical device company benefited immensely from our MSO strategy, achieving an $850K tax deferral in the first year, with continued savings annually. We directed $500K from the tax deferral to fund life insurance through the MSO, provided a revolving line of credit for his two companies, and efficiently managed his retained earnings. Our tailored solutions addressed the lack of a buy/sell agreement and funding vehicle, securing the owner’s financial future and strengthening business operations.

Guardian Tax Consultants restructured a law firm’s financial operations through a Management Service Organization (MSO), achieving significant tax savings and improved cash flow. This solution protected assets, retained key employees, and ensured a robust succession plan, securing the firm’s future and enhancing its financial stability.

A real estate developer with a $100 million net worth and $20 million annual net income faced significant tax and estate planning challenges. Guardian Tax Consultants implemented a Management Service Organization (MSO) strategy, saving the client $2.8 million annually in taxes, optimizing estate planning, and securing the future financial stability of the client’s enterprises.

Guardian Tax Consultants helped a home building supply company overcome major financial and operational challenges. By implementing a Management Services Organization, they saved $420,000 in taxes, expanded to new markets, improved supply chain resilience, and secured estate planning. This strategic partnership ensured sustainable growth and stability for the business.

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