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Most business owners recognize they have unaddressed risks.


Isn’t it time you take action on this?   

Business Risks

What does saving me money on my taxes have to do with my leadership team, succession plan or potential business risks?

At Guardian Tax Consultants, the answer is everything.

We’ve identified what we consider to be the three gaps of small business risk management that many businesses must address to ensure longevity and financial stability.

Many business owners are incurring unnecessary tax costs.

These tax burdens can cause liquidity or concentration issues, yet these can all be addressed with our tax strategies.

There are universal risks all businesses face that threatened to disrupt the functioning of the business.

Continuity risk caused by a death or disability of a key employee, including the business owners, whose knowledge and contributions to the company are invaluable. The loss of a key employee may result in not only a loss in sales, but also a potential loss of brand value, important contracts, and goodwill. The company’s credit position may also be at risk.

Continuity risk caused by the business not having either identified, trained, and/or documented the mechanism to transfer leadership and financial control of the business to a family member, key employee or management team. When a succession plan is put in place early enough, there can be an opportunity for the successor to develop their skills and experience to step into the leadership role and make a smooth and successful transition.

Continuity risk of not having a small business exit strategy or identifying and executing the transfer strategy and funding mechanism of a company and its ownership to another person, team, or entity.

Continuity risk that valuable employees voluntarily resign taking their experience and knowledge, and leaving open critical job functions.

When business owners are overly-reliant on their businesses to provide their income and or net worth, their assets become intertwined with the success and longevity of the business.

Your hard-earned assets do not transfer properly to your beneficiaries at passing and may incur unnecessary taxes.

Your assets do not transfer to your heirs properly and/or maybe unnecessarily depleted by the beneficiaries.

Refers to the ability of your estate to pay taxes and other costs that arise after your death using cash and cash alternatives. If your property is mostly nonliquid (e.g., real estate, business interests), your estate may be forced to sell assets at a discount to meet its obligations as they become due.

Legal Risks of failure to protect the business from outcome of uncertainty related to errors in creation and ongoing compliance in corporate governance or regulations.

We apply a unique financial structure to the businesses we work with to create tax savings. Once those savings are generated, we work closely with your current team of CPAs, CFO, financial advisor and insurance providers to provide solutions that protect and fortify the business.

Because of the proprietary financial structure created, you’ll realize tax savings that can be redeployed to mitigate risk and optimize your business value. That’s where our partnership and advisement on the strategy comes into play.


Every client that adopted our tax strategy has saved a significant amount of money on taxes.

All of our clients have not only been retained, they have all continued with this structure since making the change.


We partner with our clients and work alongside their team to ensure all details are covered when it comes to realizing their tax savings and proper documentation for reporting and compliance. 

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