Small businesses are paying far too much in taxes.

We’ve provided guidance to more than 500 business owners in many sectors.

We’ve realized annual tax savings between $100,000 – $5 million.

Average tax savings for our clients is $400,000.

In our experience as small business tax consultants, most business owners are paying nearly double the amount in taxes that they should. Why? Most are not applying recent tax law to their financial structure.

We work alongside your CPA and financial team to create a plan that works for you.


Why work with Guardian Tax Consultants? We understand the concerns of business owners and the challenges you face because we are business owners.


Unnecessary taxes can be repurposed to reduce risks in your business.

In addition to overpaying on taxes, 99% of owners believe that transition plans are important, but…


of owners have no written transition plan


have done no planning at all


have no written personal third act plan

… most aren’t prepared.

We help business owners protect themselves and their companies:


Against taxation and cash flow threats

Our tax and business consulting services help identify federal, state, income, and estate taxes that can pose financial risks to business owners and their companies and develop strategies that create savings in these areas.

Our work goes beyond developing a tax strategy that saves you money. We also advise on liquidity and concentration strategies and prevent risks that impair your business ability to manage debt, create profit, and fulfill your financial obligation.


Protect their leadership team and other business entities

Continuity threats disrupt the functioning of a business and may be any untoward incidents or disasters that negatively impact an organization. 
From advising on strategies to retain key employees or lessening the impact of their potential departure to exit and succession planning, our business consulting services help plan for potential continuity issues in your business.


Plan for personal financial stability

A “wealth gap” can occur when assets accumulated outside of your primary business are not sufficient to produce the after-tax income required to support your quality of life without using income from the business. This risk is heightened If the business is not marketable for the value required to exit or should the business fail without its founder.
We help protect your legacy and estate in addition to any legal risks.

How we can help

We take advantage of new tax laws passed in 2017 and apply a proprietary strategy to businesses’ financial structure. This can significantly reduce tax burden. We also leverage partnerships with insurers to protect the organization and its leadership team.

The path to changing financial structure is customized to each business and its unique challenges and opportunities. This is why we work closely with your current financial team of CPAs, CFOs, and insurance providers and take a custom approach to result in the best case for you.

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